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A hot-lap of Taupo with Jonny Reid

Author: j1nxx3d  December 17, 2008

Jonny’s hot lap
Image Hosted by
Shot at 2009-01-18
The control line or start/finish line is along the short straight as you pass the pit wall entering into turn one. It is vital you have a strong exit out of turn 13 onto the pit straight to start the lap. I have even been known to change my line slightly to ensure the best possible start to a lap.
Image Hosted by
Turn 1: Approaching T1 at a reasonable speed (200kph) in 5th gear and braking hard at the 50m board and down to 2nd gear. The force over the front axle is on the maximum and you can feel the front tires just beginning to lock, this is when you know you have found the maximum braking. Releasing the brake pedal gradually and smooth as you can. While you are releasing the brake pressure you are beginning to turn in. If you turn in too late here you understeer wide due to the camber change and dusty slippery surface. You coast or roll the car through a lot here. You seem to be waiting for an eternity before you can get back on the power. The left front tyre is half on the grass or dusty patch as you apply throttle to exit T1. Now you are controlling the car on the throttle as you accelerate and shift up to 3rd gear and allowing the car to use the road on the exit. It is important not to let the car breathe too much too the right of the circuit. After the exit of T1 the car will need to be as far to the left of the circuit as possible for the entry of T2.

Turn 2: The entry to T2 is challenging. The car is forced through a number of camber changes throughout the corner. You approach T2 in 3rd gear and roll off the throttle and turn in at around 165kph. It is easy to over speed on the entry and upset the flow of T3 and T4 by drifting wide on the exit of T2. These corners in my view are looked at as one. This is because each corner in this section (turns T2, T3 and T4) lead in to one another. In other words if you are very fast in T2 you will be too slow in T3 and average in T4. It is always a compromise in a challenging “S” bend like this found at Taupo.

Turn 3: It is vital to carry good speed (Around 170Kph) and be very committed to throttle through T3. Stay very close to the apex curb and up shift to 4th gear. Hold the car to the left for the entry of T4 as much as possible.

Turn 4: T4 offers a new challenge. The corner is very off camber (from the apex sloping out), so the car always wants to slide off the circuit. On turn in you brush the brake to transfer weight over the nose of the car, as the front becomes light over the crest. Then you apply throttle gently to clamp the rear down as the rear becomes light over the crest. The car will slide all the way out to the exit curb and you line the car up for the tight T5.

Turn 5: On entry to T5 you brake with a medium pressure and down shift from 4th to 2nd gear. You can carry more speed than you think here. It is important to rotate the car as soon as possible at the apex and apply the throttle smoothly for a clean exit.

Turn 6: The circuit feels as if it narrows up as you exit T5 and accelerate up to 200kph in 5th gear down to T6. The later you turn into T6 the better because you can then reduce the steering angle in the braking zone for T7.

Turn 7: The exit of T6 and the entry to T7 overlap one another. This creates a very tricky braking zone. Under braking for T7 the right front tyre is easy to lock due to the steering input to the right while braking and down shifting from 4th to 2nd. Over slowing the car is also a simple task here. As you roll into the corner the circuit gains camber. This makes the car stick or gain grip as the suspension compresses. The camber helps the car to rotate while holding a very tight line. Also early, clean throttle application is vital here as the exit leads onto a flat out section of the course.

Turn 8: There is not that much to T8. It is a physical corner as you have to hold the steering in one position for a long period of time. I would say that T8 and the bumpy T9 are going to be the most physically demanding corners on the circuit in the new A1GP car.

Turn 9: T9 is the fastest corner on the circuit where minimum speed in the corner is around 200kph. However you approach this corner much quicker than that and downshift from 5th to 4th while braking with a mild pressure to ensure you do not pitch the car too much. As you turn in the circuit drops away slightly. At the apex the circuit is extremely bumpy. (This unsettles the car a lot and makes it very physical). As the car compresses you apply the throttle and slide out to the curb.

Turn 10: Almost non existent but a definite change in direction as you approach the sweeper at Turn 11. Position on the track is important and you are poised for some challenging braking at Turn 11.

Turn 11: T11 is probably my favourite corner on the circuit. It is also a good passing opportunity if the rubber is laid down. The braking zone is very challenging. You basically start to brake as you turn in. As you turn in the car becomes very heavily loaded over the right front. It is very easy to over slow the car on the entry here. The brave are definitely rewarded on the entry. As the speed comes off and the car is settled into the middle of the corner you then line up the apex. At T10 the apex is later than you think. You really need to maximise the exit speed and power down here as the next back stretch is very long and it is vital for a good top speed.

Turn 12: As you enter T12 you are at maximum speed in 6th gear. You approach the braking zone at around 280kph. On entry, under heavy braking this is a passing area also, especially if you have had a good slip stream down the straight. Over the two seasons I have previously driven at Taupo Motorsport Park T12 and T13 – known as the ‘Chase’ – have changed dramatically. The second year a much tighter chicane was put in place. This slowed this sequence of corners a lot. But overall lap time was actually quicker due to the track surface having eighteen months worth of racing on it to build up the groove. This increased the grip levels as the circuit was more rubbered in.

The later brakers are rewarded into T12. If you brake too late however it is very easy to overshoot. Be very careful of the apex cub at T11 because it is very high and aggressive. T11 leads into T12 which means correct positioning of the car at the apex of T11 is very important to be able to carry good speed at T12. Again it is all about flow here and carrying good minimum speed.

Turn 13: Carrying a good minimum is important through T13. Use the entire apex curb to help carry speed and also to keep the car to the right for the final corner.

Turn 14: Turn 14 is a very nice corner. The car is loaded up on the right side for a long time. A good balance in the car can help here. You have to be patient and smooth with the throttle to allow for a good clean exit. When you commit to the throttle it is easy to be intimidated by the pit wall as you slide towards it accelerating to complete the lap. As you come out of T14 and accelerate down the pit straight you glance down at the information on the steering wheel to take read of the lap just completed.”

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Lola T70

Author: admin-2 I.C.  November 27, 2008

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Le Grand F5000

Author: admin-2 I.C.  November 27, 2008

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Drifting at Ruapuna, Chch

Author: admin-2 I.C.  November 22, 2008

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Hampton Downs hotlap

Author: admin-2 I.C.  November 22, 2008

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Ken Block

Author: j1nxx3d  November 12, 2008

I’ve started Ken Block in a few Rally of NZ’s. Image Hosted by These are a few videos he has on youtube. They are very, VERY good and worth the watch.

Big Jump:

Airsrtip gymkhana :

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A 3.8 km Lap of Hampton Downs (F3000) – Courtesy Of the FIA Simulated !

Author: admin-2 I.C.  November 7, 2008

The track is clockwise, with the start in front of the pit buildings.

Crossing the start line at 70kms in a rolling start, the car quickly accelerates to 200 km per hour before the track disappears from view as it plunges downhill into the braking area 200 metres from the crest of the hill. There is a huge sealed run-off area on the left and heavy braking is required before entering turn one at the bottom of the hill.

Through the corner at 125km per hour and onto the 750 metre back straight. The F3000 quickly accelerates to a peak of 255km per hour before braking heavily for the tight right hander at the end of the straight. Then there is a flowing sequence of a 75 km per hour left hander, then into a long 110 km per hour right hander that opens out into a 220 km per hour short straight before the circuit dives left.

The F3000 then crests a slight rise and turns left before entering a tight right hander and climbing 7 metres out of the corner and onto a 250 metre straight. This short straight rises to a crest that disguises the 6 metre descent into a wide, tightening, 60 km per hour left turning hairpin.

Blasting out of the hairpin and going downhill for 400 metres towards the sweeper, the F3000 hits 235 km per hour, then brake and balance the car through the 130 km per hour sweeper. Powering out of the sweeper the car starts up the hill for the almost 1 kilometre ‘slightly kinky’ front straight. A top speed of 265 km per hour is achieved while blasting along the plateau between the pits and apartments, before, once again the circuit drops down the hill to turn one below.

And that’s a lap of Hampton Downs! To Use actual simulator go to

Computer generated preview of racing at Hampton Downs:

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Amazing E30 BMW Rally driving

Author: j1nxx3d  November 3, 2008
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Corvette Heaven

Author: admin-2 I.C.  October 21, 2008

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2008 Silver Fern Rally Southland

Author: MAC_HATER  October 20, 2008

Hey guys got a request from fUrBuRgEr to sign up and post some photos i have of the rally mentioned above

it was held sunday the 19th of October in glenham (if you dont know where that it its near edendale which is kinda near gore if that helps )

was a really good day for a rally – no accidents that we saw just some crazy sideways action on the corner we camped at

ive got at least one photo of all the cars that went past – some had crashed out before they got to us so ill post a few here and if you are after a particular car just let me know

EDIT: got reports that people cant see the link and im having some real trouble putting photos in here – this place cant accept [IMG][/IMG] tags can it?

back to the drawing board :/

Cheers guys

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