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Do You Know All The Features And Uses Of Your iPhone? Information That Will Simplify The Iphone For You..

Author: VinesWerner876  July 25, 2012

You can capture great pictures with the camera that is built into your iPhone. The iPhones great, built-in camera enables you to take pictures wherever and whenever you like. You simply have to send them to your personal computer, and you will always have an endless amount of photos to take. Theres no need to spend money buying a digital camera if you own an iPhone.

Most iPhone owners use their phones as cameras. After a while, the number of photos can really add up. Organize your photos by utilizing the iPhones album feature, and you will always know where to find your photos quickly and easily. This can save you a lot of time when you are looking for a specific picture.

If you need to do some quick math, but not in your head, make use of the calculator in your iPhone. When you hold your calculator vertical it is standard, but when horizontal it shifts into a scientific calculator.

For a time-saving tip for email and texting, make AutoText shortcuts for words and phrases you type often on the iPhone. You should use this feature for phrases you use all the time, such as where are you or for signing your emails. You can access this shortcut feature under your iPhones keyboard settings.

Hopefully, this article has helped you discover some new things about the iPhone. Utilize these tips to have your iPhone working for you.

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A Guide To Setting Up and Securing Your Wi-Fi Router

Author: ITSupportManchester  April 26, 2012

There seem to be far more and a lot more people opting to work in one home compared to ever before. The benefits to this are multiple such as avoiding the morning and evening rush hours, being able to do without time with your children and serious other, and doing every thing on your own time. although the pitfalls seem to be many, the one that I is going to be emphasizing in this article is that of Setting up a secure wireless network for your house based business. right now somewhere out there, There is someone having a receiver waiting to pick up on an unsuspecting persons wireless local location network. Their hope is always to garner some sensitive Information that could lead to identity theft, and stolen proprietary enterprise information.

Most businesses owners arent technically inclined, though they could be power users, in general security settings just isnt One of many initial things they like to mess around along with other in their day to day operations. This makes most wireless LANs a great target for Information predators.

Here appear to be some general tips to follow in Putting in your wireless network. though it may possibly vary from one vendor to vendor, the gist is more or less the same:

1. setup the wireless access/router point via a wired client.
2. usually change the factory setting password to some thing tough for someone to guess.
3. Enable 128-bit Wired Equivalency Privacy (WEP) encryption on both your access point and network card. from time for you to time change the WEP main entries. If your hardware does not support a minimal of 128 bit WEP encryption, then it could be time to replace this dinosaur. WEP is only a minimal security precaution, thats far better compared to none at all.
4. Alter the factory default SSID on the access/router point to a convoluted tough to guess string. Initiate your computer to connect to this configured SSID by default.
5. set up your access point not to broadcast the SSID if available.
6. Block off anonymous Net requests and pings.
7. P2P Connections ought to be disabled.
8. Enable MAC filtering.
9. Enable firewall around the network router/access point with demilitarized zone function disabled. Enable client firewalls for every computer at the network.
10. Update router and access point firmware as updates turn out to be available.
11. ensure the physical router is hidden so that a random person cant reset the settings.
12. Position the physical router near the middle of the establishment Rather than near windows to prevent others outside in one receiving the signals.

These and other settings will collectively help to prevent any undesirable intrusions in your private data.

IT Support Manchester

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Drag Meetings – Test Post

Author: admin  September 16, 2008
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